November 27,2021

JBL Charge 5 review: Big sound for summer listening

When I reviewed the JBL Charge 4 last year I stopped short of giving it a wholehearted recommendation...
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November 21,2021

JBL Charge 4 review: The best value Bluetooth speaker?

JBL has been manufacturing audio products for over 70 years and its current lineup includes Bluetooth...
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November 15,2021

JBL Boombox review: Portable, powerful and very bassy

Remember when you used to carry around a boombox on your shoulder to blaze out those kick-ass beats?...
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November 03,2021

HTC Vive Cosmos review: Equal parts excellent and infuriating

The HTC Vive Cosmos marks a turning point for HTC’s VR division. Like the excellent Oculus Rift S ,...
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October 28,2021

How to watch Sneaky Pete in the UK, US and abroad

Who doesn’t love a good gritty drama? Amazon exclusive Sneaky Pete has received high praise for the...
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October 22,2021

How to cancel your Now TV subscription

Now TV is an on-demand streaming service of some of the most popular shows on Sky. To put it simply...
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October 16,2021

How to cancel Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is Amazon’s social gaming service that lets you download free games with added benefit...
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September 22,2021

Hisense U8B review (H55U8BUK, H65U8BUK): Can this mid-range TV deliver HDR thrills?

If you’ve been hoping to pick up a 4K HDR TV for well under £1,000, then chances are you’re already...
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September 16,2021

Hisense Roku TV 50in (2021) review: Still the best cheap TV for streaming?

The first Hisense Roku TV, released in 2020, was a welcome addition to our living rooms. Customers in...
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September 10,2021

HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA vs USB-C: Every connection explained plus how to get 144Hz

Most monitors will have a range of different inputs available, and your PC or laptop will also use diffe...
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September 04,2021

Harman Kardon Citation: The art in smart

There are plenty of smart speakers around, and lots of high-end, audiophile hi-fi but not many systems...
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August 29,2021

Harman Kardon Citation One (MKII) review: Bass in the place, Kardon

Harman Kardon has a reputation for producing quality sound equipment, specifically speakers, soundbars...
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August 23,2021

Harman Kardon Citation 300 review: A slice of sonic success

Harman Kardon is one of the biggest names in audio and it’s gazing at the smart speaker world with...
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June 12,2021

Choose Sponge Sofas or Latex Sofas

The type of sofa padding is usually sponge-based. But in addition, sofa fillings and down, latex, ra...
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June 06,2021

How to Design Wardrobe to Specific Groups

No one wants to open the wardrobe every morning and find that the clothes are always in a mess. I was...
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May 31,2021

Which Material is Better for the Wardrobe

Indispensable furniture in wardrobe life. I believe everyone is familiar with it. There are many types...
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May 25,2021

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sofa Materials

People's living standard is getting higher and higher. So, they become more enjoyable in the material...
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May 19,2021

Latex Pillows

Each rubber tree can only produce 30 milliliters of latex juice every day. So, the value of latex materi...
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May 13,2021

Comparative Evaluation of Latex Mattress

For people who work at their desks, sitting for a long time is not good for our lumbar spine. Some peopl...
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May 01,2021

Are Marble Dining Tables Good or Bad

Among many dining table materials, marble dining table is a unique one. It is different from glass dinin...
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