May 23,2022

26 Types of Furniture for the Home (Mega Guide)

Discover epic buying guides for 25 different types of furniture for the home. We've spent countless hour...
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May 19,2022

A Guide to Furniture Woods

" " Hardwood ManufacturersBeechCommon furniture woods have their own distinctive marks, just like each...
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May 03,2022

What Is The Most Popular Furniture? According to Pinterest, The Top Trends – Mondoro

Pinterest is one has a trend tool that helps you to see what people have been searching for. We have...
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April 28,2022

Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Furniture & Décor

What is Traditional Furniture?Also known as classic furniture, traditional furniture originated in E...
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April 17,2022

Furniture Glossary Terms

AAcanthus leafUsed in classic Greek and Roman decoration, this popular 18th century motif is favored...
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April 13,2022

Subtle Structural Changes Drastically Upgrade This West Seattle Bungalow

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron revitalizes the façade of this Seattle home.When architect Prentis Hale...
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April 10,2022

Nendo and Scavolini Collaborate on Simple, Sleek Kitchen and Bath Furnishings

Pioneered in 2002 by Canadian-born principal Oki Sato, the Tokyo design practice Nendo has created retail...
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April 08,2022

Renovating Tips from Stephen Fanuka

Host of Million Dollar Contractor on DIY Network and HGTV, Stephen Fanuka frequently works with leading...
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April 02,2022

This Chaise Lounge is Designed Like a Zen Garden—and There’s Even a Pond

Picture this: A Japanese garden, filled with lush bonsai trees and other greenery. Nearby, a tranquil...
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March 30,2022

8 Stylish Hardware Sources for Your Kitchen Renovation

EmtekCustom made in Southern California, Emtek’s hardware—such as the crystal knobs, shown—is both d...
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March 26,2022

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Accent Color

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Finding the right accent color for a room is a straight-...
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March 24,2022

An Architect Breathes New Life into a Family's Frank Lloyd Wright House

It was one of those bitter winter days in Wisconsin best spent indoors bundled in blankets, but Albert...
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March 20,2022

Philips HTL5120 review

Adding a sound bar to your TV is a quick and easy way to improve your home cinema setup. Sound bars have...
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March 17,2022

Design Master Class: How to Style Your Home Like a Pro

“Stuff”—we all have it. Some of us are just better at displaying ours than others. To level the play...
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March 15,2022

In Thomas O’Brien and Dan Fink’s Home-Studio Everything Old is New Again

Thomas O’Brien has the eagle eye of a lifelong collector, but he will tell you that the best finds h...
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March 12,2022

Nail the Mixed Metal Look at Home With These 5 Easy-to-Follow Tips

One is silver and the other’s gold…or is it rose gold now? Incorporating metallics into your decor i...
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March 08,2022

This Feel-Good Facebook Group Will Solve All of Your Decluttering Problems

As anyone who’s done it is well aware, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep when declutterin...
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March 06,2022

The Best Way to Declutter Is to Take Everything Out of a Room—Here’s Why

I recently read Myquillan Smith’s book “ Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff ,” and was par...
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March 03,2022

5 Secrets of People Who Give the Best Compliments

Whether it’s regarding an outfit, someone’s home, or a job well done, a good compliment can leave a...
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February 28,2022

9 Exterior Wall Decor Ideas to Try: Outdoor Wallpaper, Platinum Tiles, and More

From experimental artworks to brightly patterned wallpaper, playing with the interior style of your home...
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